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Spin * Spin * Spin *

Ok, I’ve been bitten by the hand spinning bug really badly lately.  I’ve done more in the last week or so than I have in the rest of the time I’ve spent spinning (just under one year).  I also think … Continue reading

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Progress on most fronts….

I’ve been going a little yarn happy lately.  I’ve been trying to force myself to finish spinning up the teal Merino wool I’ve got.  I have about 1.5 oz left.  Why force? Well the spindle I am working with is … Continue reading

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First Hit is Free

I think I’m addicted to more than just fiber, I think I’m addicted to color.  I’ve been poking around on Etsy for more roving, not that I need it.  I keep looking at the same colors and at least one … Continue reading

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Mischief Managed

This past weekend I went to the Fingerlakes Fiber Arts Festival with Muirenn and two other friends.  We did our best to keep each other out of too much trouble.  I’m not sure we succeeded though.  In addition to a … Continue reading

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12th Night Gown- I have a plan!

Well, its not so much of a plan as a list of steps.  I’m still working on hand sewing E’s 12th night undergown from the last post.  I really do not like the look of the whip stitched seams so … Continue reading

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12th Night/Artisan’s Challenge, Display and Workshop

A while ago I issued a challenge for a local event entitled The Artisan’s Challenge, Display and Workshop on November 6th.  The challenge I issued was to make period court wear for a child/young adult under the age of 16.  … Continue reading

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Defining My Expectations

Once, not that long ago, I told someone that I try to be about 90% accurate in my historical accuracy while doing living history.  Today I watched some good friends get bent out of shape about both the lack of … Continue reading

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I want a princess hat Mommy!

My daughter’s announcement did not fall upon deaf ears.  My thoughts were (in rapid succession): well a butterfly Burgundian Hennin would be cute on you, I do have buckram to make it, it would match your dad’s Rene de Anjou’s-try-to-be … Continue reading

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