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Ok, I’ve been bitten by the hand spinning bug really badly lately.  I’ve done more in the last week or so than I have in the rest of the time I’ve spent spinning (just under one year).  I also think that I’m good enough at lace weight yarns that I might be able to sell them.  I’ve listed a few on my Esty site (link to it on the right).  I’ve got another “art yarn” in acidic yellow and green that I spun in red, orange, gray, and yellow beads that will be listed soon (called Pretty Poison).  I think I like working with the “art yarns” a lot but the light weight yarns are better for weaving.  Soon will come a round of scarves for Christmas sales but not with the hand spun yarn because there is zero profit in them (love doing them but no profit).  I hope you will take a look and tell me what you think as well if they are priced right for hand made items….that seems to be the problem lately as I’m not sure what to price the yarn for.

In any case I’m sure the burst of creativity is due to the start of the school year and that my daughter, who has been home all summer, will not be demanding so much of my attention.  I love her more than I can say and I had a blast making her come historic court clothing (German c 1490 and Italian c1490) but I’m so happy she is going back to school too.  I’m also sure that because all the summer vacations (North Carolina to see family, Vermont to see family, and Pennsic of course) are all done.  In parts they felt more like work than art does.

I’ll write more about my daughter’s court wear in a future post-say after school starts! 🙂

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Save Me-Medieval Textiles Update CD and Show-Tell

Dear Friends,

I am sorry that this information has been so long in coming.  With the summer vacations and the end of the University school year things got put on hold for a while.  Again I apologize.

I’ve talked with Sarah and the University Design Center is not really being used during the summer so this seems like a bad time to hold the show and tell.  We have scheduled it for Saturday, September 3rd, 2011 just at at the start of the school year (10am to whenever).

I will be accepting names for the 20 slots for the show and tell via email at elizives @ gmail DOTcom  (no spaces in the real email address and, of course, the DOT should be a .com)

If I get more than 20 names then I will start a lottery.  The lottery will be held on Saturday August 20th.  Please give me your location (city/state/country) when you send me your name and contact information.  I know that August 20th will be a very short time to make plans for those of you who might be coming a long distance.  I will try to accommodate you all.   The cost of the show & tell is going to be $100 and will come with a copy of the CD.  It will be payable by money order on the date of the show & tell.

As to the CD because the Design Center is closed for the summer folks who want the CD will mail their requests/payment as follows:

  • 1) a Money Orders for $20 for the CD addressed to: The Design Center at Philadelphia University
  • 2) a second Money Order for $5.00 for domestic shipping via USPS addressed to: Elizabeth Ives
  • 3) Your contact information/mailing address
  • 4) please mail all the above items to: Elizabeth Ives, 105 Jacobs Drive, Coatesville, PA 19320

For international shipping please email (at the above email address) me for an exact quote to your location via USPS.  I will drop the CD in the mail as soon as I have a request in my hands.  CDs will be mailed in a padded envelope with a tax deductible receipt via USPS.  We cannot accept paypal or credit cards at this time.

The CD’s have approximately 500 high resolution images of these artifacts (jpeg) and a short documentation for each item (MSWord) which includes items measurements, condition, fiber content, weave type, some historical information (not for all the artifacts just the ones from the 14th-16th centuries), glossary, suggested reading list, and information about the collections at the Design Center.  The images are organized in folders, one for each item.  Please note that the some of the historical research as changed from the original box inventory published on this site. The CDs are read only.

Thanks again for your support of this collection.

Eliz Ives and Sarah Moore

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Update: Selling CDs and Making Lottery Entries

As it turns out we/I will be able to sell CDs of high resolution photographs (including detail shots and closeups -500+ in all) of the finds at the Design Center. They will be on sale at East Kingdom Crown Tournament (SCA Event) and later by mail order. They will be $20 and have what research we have been able to do so far. All proceeds will go to the Design Center for the conservation and preservation of these textiles. CASH ONLY for this sale. The date is May 7th, 2011 and the event information is located here: http://www.eastkingdom.org/EventDetails.html?eid=2132
I will also have forms to fill out for the lottery slots for the tour. I will also be accepting them via email and this is NOT the only opportunity to sign up for it. I should have a sign up sheet posted before May 7th for those who will sign up via email.
I hope to see you there.
Elizabeth Ives

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15th Century Box Inventory Photos and Update

15th Century Box Inventory Photos were taken by Jennifer Linton Guyton (thanks so much to her!) and are copyright of the Philadelphia University Design Center.  The images have been cropped and reduced in size for the internet.

Please note: the God Awful Conservation Attempts seen on some of these textiles were NOT done by the staff at the Design Center.  They were done before the Center acquired the textiles.

We will be selling a CD with large images (full shots, closeups, back and front, ect) our preliminary research and data sheets as part of the fund raiser for $20 + shipping.  I will post the address and information in the next week.  The CDs will be sent out in early June due to research and will require a certified check so we can ship them quickly.

There will be a tour for 15 people with these items and maybe a few more things thrown in for fun.  It will be a fund raiser for $100 per person and will include the CD at no additional cost.  The date will be in mid-late June.  The date and the date for the lottery will be posted in the next week or so.

And now what you really want: the photos.  They are terribly tiny and for that I am sorry but at the request of the Design Center and copyright reasons they would like to keep it this way for now.   See the list in the last post for info about each except the two embroideries which are not on the list as we have very little information.

Enjoy and thanks for your continued support.

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15th Century Box Inventory

here is the promised list of items in the 15th Century Box at the Design Center at Philadelphia University.  Photos to follow in a small or cropped format.   Details about the show and tell & image CD will also follow.

1) Textile Fragment-Ciselé Velvet-15th Century (1976.57.10)

  • Description: Gold colored Ciselé and Voided Velvet in a large floral pattern.  Rectangular panel is pieced together using smaller rectangular pieces (9); where possible the pattern was matched; hand sewn edge to edge rather than with a seam allowance; Large palmettos, lilies, ect,
  • Location: Venice (?), Italy
  • Materials: silk and linen
  • Condition: Poor with large areas of wear and dirt
  • Size: 131 cm warp x 63cm weft

2) Rectangular Church Textile-Brocade-16th Century (74-63-2)

  • Description: Brocade of red silk that is now faded to tan/beige color, Lined with coarse linen, edged with yellow silk trim in a diamond figured ribbon.
  • Location: Italy
  • Materials: silk
  • Condition: poor, very damaged with previous minor conservation attempts, fold damage in center, now on tube
  • Size: 87.5cm x59cm

3) Textile Fragment-Velvet-16th Century (1976.57.28)

  • Description: Long rectangular form; large floral motif of what was gray/green pile with complimentary warp of beige forming satin background, (91.5cm repeat), weft was coarse linen, that does not appear in design originally but due to wear now shows.  Original green color shows on edge
  • Location: Italy
  • Materials: silk and linen
  • Condition: poor
  • Size: 154.5cm warp x 63cm weft

4) Pink and Gold Floral Silk Jacquard (INV 2083)

  • Description: Pink floral on gold silk ground, silk Jacquard fragment with corner removed, c. 1500-1700, 62cm repeat
  • Location: European
  • Materials: silk
  • Condition: corner is cut off but otherwise in good condition
  • Size: 56cm weft x 72cm warp

5) Bible Bookmark (INV 2082)

  • Description: bible bookmark with silver bobbin lace around lower edged on both sides 5.4 cm wide, and silver couched embroidery and two lower ends with spangles and red metal plates; finger loop braided trim with large tassel sewn to center inside of the bookmark.  Tassel is silk with silver net and thread (11.5cm long tassel with 58cm long finger loop braided trim).  Ground is silk jacquard in green striped with a pink jacquard floral lining.  Hand Sewn. -late Tudor, early Elizabethan in style
  • Location: European
  • Materials: Silk with metal thread
  • Condition: excellent
  • Size: Length with lace 83.5cm x wide with lace 13.5cm

6) Cloth-of-Gold Fragments- 17th Century (INV 2078)

  • Description: 2 band fragments of church vestments (collar?), cloth-of-gold in a floral pattern, lined in pink linen
  • Location: European
  • Materials: metal thread, silk and linen lining
  • Condition: excellent
  • Size: band one 11cm wide x 90.5 long and band two 11cm wide x 36.5 long

7) Textile Fragment- Scarlet Ciselé Velvet- 16th Century (1976.57.25)

  • Description: Fragment, rectangular form; Ciselé velvet with stylized floral design; large floral (5) retain some velvet in scarlet with some silver embroidery in center of flowers, gold colored background, pink silk backing was added later, lots of bad conservation attempts by machine and hand, burns, dirt and wax
  • Location: European- Italian
  • Materials: silk and linen with an added silk backing
  • Condition: Poor-lots of bad conservation attempts by machine and hand, burns, dirt and wax
  • Size: 70.2 cm x 104cm

8  ) Textile Fragment-Altoebasso Velvet- 16th-17th centuries

  • Description:  Altoebasso velvet in gold, large floral motif, heavy weight fabric, likely 1500-1600’s, in several pieces sewn together, background is linen in a one over two weave
  • Location: European probably Italy
  • Materials: silk with linen ground
  • Condition: large area of dirt, mold or burn (dirt is likely) and areas of wear see condition report-worth saving
  • Size: 53cm weft x 103cm warp

9) Olive Green Silk Satin Jacquard Fragment – 17th century (INV 2084)

  • Description: olive green silk satin Jacquard fragment- 17th century-Asian style motifs with large flower and leaf design in center (18th c. maybe??)
  • Location: European
  • Materials: silk
  • Condition: signs of wear and dirt throughout –most minor wear with one area of moderate wear
  • Size: 53.3cm weft x 50.2cm warp

10) Yellow and Tan Silk Brocade (INV 2069)

  • Description: Yellow-tan silk brocade upholstery piece in 3 fragments sewn together with trim at seams- 17th century
  • Location: European
  • Materials: silk and linen
  • Condition: good
  • Size: 17.5cm warp x 166cm weft (17.5cm warp x 57.5cm each of the three pieces)

11) 17th Century Silk Brocade Fragment (INV 2066)

  • Description: silk with linen warp- red and gold in three pieces sewn together at top edge- motifs of pomegranate, cross, crown and eagle-brocade, not much fading on the red color
  • Location: European
  • Materials: silk and linen
  • Condition: moderate with rips in some areas
  • Size: bottom (cross) 47.5cm weft x 43cm warp.  Middle (crown and eagle) 33.5cm 31cm.  Top (eagle) 33cm x 46cm

12) Silk Satin with Floral Motif in Red (INV 2072)

  • Description: silk and linen fragments with a floral motif-red- 17th century(?), not much fading on the red
  • Location: European
  • Materials: silk and linen
  • Condition: poor with tears
  • Size: 72cm weft x 22.5 warp

13) 17th century Brocade (INV 2071)

  • Description: scarlet silk (very light weight) in floral pattern-fragment-brocade-17th century-still very bright
  • Location: European
  • Materials: silk
  • Condition: stains on back
  • Size: 72cm weft x 24.5cm warp

14) Green Silk Brocade Floral Pattern (INV 2075)

  • Description: green and gold silk brocade with silver gilt thread, floral pattern and metal trim on one edge-17th or 18th century
  • Location: European
  • Materials: silk with metal gilt
  • Condition: good
  • Size: 22.5cm weft x 53cm warp

15) Olive Green Silk Jacquard Fragment-18th century (INV 2073)

  • Description: olive green silk jacquard fragment with floral design (maybe brocade as it has large floats on the back)- 18th century
  • Location: European
  • Materials: silk
  • Condition: tears in corners and slight wear otherwise good
  • Size: 53.8cm weft x 43.2cm warp

16) Fragment Pink (INV 2065)

  • Description: pink floral brocade with metal thread cut and sewn together as if for a garment but no garment shape can be determined.  Pink on top and green silk on back.  Two patterns on this pieced; 1 in the background of the brocade a flower pattern in a quilted effect and 2 in a bright multi-color floral pattern with metal thread.
  • Location: European
  • Materials: silk, metal thread
  • Condition: good
  • Size:

17) Italian 17th Century Brocade Silk- gold with flowers (INV 2070)

  • Description: fragment of gold silk 17th brocade with small clusters/sprays of multi-color flowers
  • Location: Italy
  • Materials: Silk
  • Condition: Good
  • Size: 40cm x by 36.4cm

18) Orange, Gold and Ivory Brocade fragment-silk and linen (INV 2077)

  • Description: silk fragment, orange, gold, ivory colored brocade with metal threads only just apparent after considerable wear.  In two pieces with a seam
  • Location: European
  • Materials: Silk, linen and metal thread
  • Condition: Good
  • Size: 74.8cm x 12cm
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15th-16th Century Textiles: UPDATE

Dear All,

Thank you so much for your overwhelming interest in this project.  I am working with Sarah, head of the Design Center, and the University to set up a date for a tour, to establish a way to donate to this project with or without the tour and determine what needs to be done with the textiles so you/we know how the money will be used.

I have received the information sheets for the box but while the box has about a dozen samples the Center has only 4 sheets.  These textiles are from the earliest part of the collection, that is the 1970’s, and so the standards for the Center were not established at that time.  I’m going to make an inventory of the box tomorrow to see what is there (and a few more boxes).  I will post this list and the information sheets I have on Friday.  No, I’m not trying to tease but I have sewing project and class to do first.  🙂

I’ve seen that there is also some confusion on how this will work:

  • step one: set a date for the tour and a cost.  It will be on a weekend but I don’t know anything else.
  • step two: sigh up for the tour.  Given the response I may have to do a lottery.  But in any case we will have on a specific day and time, a sign up for the tour or a lottery.  I am NOT taking names now though I do appreciate the interest.
  • step three: If there is a lottery, inform those who will go on the tour of the final details
  • step four: go on the tour
  • step five: a stitch-and-gossip 🙂 post-revel.  Details also tbd.

Thanks again for all your interest.  More soon I promise.

Elizabeth Ives

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SAVE ME!-15th and 16th Century Textiles in the Philadelphia University Design Center

I’ve been holding my class at the Design Center of Philadelphia University this semester.  This is the fashion and textile schools study collection for their students and scholars.  Recently I found a box of textiles (while looking for something else entirely) that was simply labeled 15th century.  Upon inspection Sarah and I found (Sarah is the head of the Design Center) a box with approximately a dozen or so samples of textiles from the 15th and 16th century (there are a few 17th century in there too).  Most were brocades, some were silk velvets and they ranged in scale from clothing use to full on wall hangings.

In any case some are in need of a lot of care, which costs money the Center does not have.  So here is the deal, as a fund raiser they have agreed to host a small hands on exhibition of these textiles.  This means that those who go can examine them up close, in detail for a long duration (maybe two hours total for the tour).  The whole box will be pulled (I think).  And yes, photos, sketches, magnifying  glasses are all welcome.  Go ahead and count the threads per inch, its fine.

The tour will be approximately 10-20 folks and since its a fund raiser it will be somewhere between $50-100 a person.  The money will go directly to helping these textiles get better housing in larger boxes and for some flat preservation.  They are not in a position to pay for or do restoration of them at this time.

The top layer of the box of 15-17th c. textiles at the DC

So here is how this will work for now: I will get the assession sheets and publish them to the website so you can tell if you want to join us.  I will post tiny thumb nails to go with them where I can.

We will work out a time and date (I hope for a weekend) to do the tour.  Once we have that I will accept on a first-come-first-served-basis names for the list.  I will provide an opening date and time for this list so everyone gets a chance.  I will post when it is closed.  If there is more demand than space there will be a waiting list and maybe a second tour.  When you come you will need to bring a check for the design center.   The details will be posted soon.

I am willing to provide some crash space for out of towners who might like to join us as well.

UPDATES WILL BE POSTED TO THE PAGE FOR THE EVENT rather than on the main site.  Please link to that page.

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