Samples Needed: Textile Techniques

I have a small collection of various textile samples for my History of Costume and Textile students. I bring the samples in on the appropriate day and let the students fondle them. Some are vintage, some are modern examples, and some are reproductions. However there are a few things that I am looking for or looking to replace.   If anyone who reads this can help me please let me know. I will pay cash for small examples. I’m not asking anyone to make these but if you had one that was lying around not being of use, please let me know.  I will get around to making some of these but some are not in my range of skills or are culture specific.

I HAVE the following: batik (Indian Sari), Shibori (Japanese), kimono fabric by the bolt, kimono (married woman), Jet, Silk Velvet, Linen, Flax, Hem, Silk Brocade, Wool, Wool Felt, Ikat (Java), Blackwork Embroidery on Cross-stitch Fabric, Hand Woven Textiles (Various), Cochineal (both bugs and dyed sample), Bobbin Lace (vintage but falling apart so I can’t use it anymore), Gold Thread Work (need a better example), Inkel woven silk and linen trim

I NEED the following:

  • batik (Indonesian or Java)
  • Obi
  • Sashiko Embroidery
  • Ikat (Japanese)
  • Ikat (Uzbek)
  • Silk Blackwork on Linen
  • Goldwork
  • Stumpwork
  • Pulled Thread Work
  • Chinese Embroidery
  • Bobbin Lace
  • Crochet Lace
  • Nuno Felt
  • Card woven patters (text would be great)
  • Samples of Natural Dyes on Silk, Linen, Cotton or Wool
  • Mud cloth
  • Elizabethan Style Embroidery

I am sure that I will think of more as time goes on.

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