Right now she loves me

My daughter is only about 5 years old and right now she loves me.  I can make her as many princess gowns as she wants (medieval cotehardies and undergowns) and hats (medieval hoods and coifs) and she always is grateful.  In fact I have difficulty getting her out of them after fitting her.  She wants to sleep in them.  She wants to wear them to school and does not understand why she cannot.  She does not care how they make her look, only that they spin well.  She wants to wear veils and hats like mommy.  She likes period belts and “bling” that are reproduction pewter cast by Billy and Charlie.  She loves the side-less surcote that I am sewing for her and beading with pink pearls and right now she has  an opinion of what color glass seed beads to add to it.  She does not care how much hand sewing or finishing mommy puts into them right now but she knows that mommy loves her because I make her princess gowns and I take her to events where she can wear them ALL DAY.

This will, of course, change.  Someday she will only want black instead of light blue, bright purple, violet, pink and teal.  She will not want reproduction pewter buttons but sculls and cross bones.  Someday that coif will be a source of embarrassment to show her boyfriends.  Someday she will want to sew her own (which I’m ok with).  Someday she will not want historic accuracy but rather modern fabrics and designs based on science fiction (which she will try to wear to events rather than cons).  I’m fine with cons and great costumes, having her sew her own, and any amount of creative effort she wants to put into them but someday she will still love me and will not admit it.

So I revel in this while I can.

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One Response to Right now she loves me

  1. Andrea AskenDunn says:

    Think positive. I have to admit I worried about this for awhile, too. My daughter is now 17 (!!!) and although she doesn’t have much time for events any more, and she can -and does- sew for herself, she still appreciates when I make garb for her and she still tells me she loves me. 🙂
    Asther de Perpinya

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