Brief Introduction

I don’t have a lot to say as of yet, but wanted to take a moment and introduce myself. By training I am an anthropologist, heavily weighted towards archaeology (historical anthropology maybe?). I am more interested in fiber prior to when it becomes cloth (washing, carding, spinning, and weaving the wool), and then researching what those who know how to sew should do with it once it’s been woven. I do not have Liz’s talent, or really her interest, in sewing (though I am forcing myself to learn, because none of the historically accurate clothiers are currently making/selling the Moy Gown *shakes fist in frustration at the anti-Irish bias in current re-enacting circles*). But like Liz, I hold myself to a high standard of authenticity. I just let other people handle the sewing whenever possible. 🙂
My posts will be heavily weighted towards pre-16th western Europe, with a bias towards the British Isles, which overlaps heavily with Liz, except that my work is from the perspective of a well-off merchant’s daughter, and the wife of a 3rd son to a minor lord, rather than the wife of an esquire, and noble in her own right. The Lady Elizabeth’s good Lord Symon is kind enough to allow her to have friends of minimal rank, although our incomes are likely comparable which makes some interaction more acceptable.
In practical purposes for the sake of this blog, I am the voice of the middle class and stupid piddling details (glasses and makeup come most immediately to mind).  Nice to meet you all.. I will try to have something substantive at a not too distant future point.

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