I want a princess hat Mommy!

My daughter’s announcement did not fall upon deaf ears.  My thoughts were (in rapid succession): well a butterfly Burgundian Hennin would be cute on you, I do have buckram to make it, it would match your dad’s Rene de Anjou’s-try-to-be persona, and I could make you the gown too.  So why not?  Yes.  Yes you can have a pointy princess hat.

So she and I designed a Burgundian gown and matching hat made of a lovely purple brocade and bright red lining.  I thought about making her a chemise and kirtle to match but I think all those layers would get in her way right now and in August heat all of that would be unbearable for a small kid.  So we have compromised historically and made a single slip on gown with a false under gown.  I would love to make a butterfly hennin to match but she wants a cone shaped one.  I’m going to have to work on the veil instead of the trail of ribbons from the point but that can come later.  I’ll make her one in paper just as she wants.  In the mean time the dress is almost done.  I am waiting on buttons from Danforth Pewter (lovely red enamel ones).    Here is a photo of the gown as it is now and a few historic images to give you an idea of what we were trying to make.  We did not have enough of the collar and cuff fabric for the hem as well.  Please excuse the hem and some pins.  Not bad for a days work.

Today will be the hat to match and some finishing work.  The only down side to this gown is that to make it fit correctly now means that it will not fit her for long.

I did not expect to be making this gown but it was a great proof of concept for a larger one for me (ya I had other motives 🙂 ) and it was a fun project.  Most important she gets her princess hat.

And for the record, I love having a girl.

If all this talk of children’s clothing inspires you then check this out: I have issued a challenge to make children’s clothing at the Artisans Challenge and Display on November 6th, 2010.

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One Response to I want a princess hat Mommy!

  1. Muirenn says:

    goddamnit woman.

    *wanders off grumbling something that sounds vaguely like: her kid is going to be entirely too poorly dressed and not enough time and stupid best friend who can sew and you bitch* 😉

    On a far more serious note, WOW.. That’s lovely, and a great nod to the requirements of dressing a small child who wants to run around for Pennsic weather… 🙂

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