Finishing Old Projects

T-minus 1 day until my daughter goes back to school and I will have some uninterrupted time to work on projects. 🙂 I love her dearly but I just want a little time to myself.  I’m sure you understand.  I am sure that parents the US over are celebrating right now.

In my case I’m going to start with finishing up some old ones that just never got done.  First up: a Tudor/Elizabethan shirt that just needs a little hand finishing.  I found this great vintage embroidered trim at a textile and fabric convention long ago.  It looked just perfect for a renaissance shirt.  I was able to find linen to match it perfectly and so I made this shirt and just never finished it.  Unfortunately Sean won’t wear it so its going up on Etsy instead.

And then I think I’ll finish 2 Flemish overgowns and list them on Etsy too since I have so many.  I’m really loving the later period Flemish working woman’s clothing.  I wore it all day yesterday at an event and was quite comfortable.  I’m only missing the apron and the caul.  So I guess they go on my list too.

I also have some handwoven cloth that I need to over-dye and pre-wash.  I think I’ll go do that right now.  hummmmm.  so many ideas.  Its never really a good sign actually.

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