Do you remember what I said about sisters?

I’ve got this crazy sister.  Ok, she is neither crazy or my biological sister but Muirenn is as close as blood and my kind of crazy.  We tend to feed off each others ideas.  In this case we were talking about the 50 Challenge that has been issued to the SCA.  (Learn 50 new things, make 50 items, 50 things your persona would know….ect).  She has decided to do one of these challenges and so I’ve started one too. (Look, now! See what you made me do!) So now if you look in the menu bar you will find pages dedicated to my efforts and I hope hers as well.

I’ve decided to work on 50 sewn items.  (Not much of a surprise, I know.)  I’m not doing whole outfits because my closet just can’t take that.  Accessories count, things made for family and friends or for sale all count.  There won’t be a lot of documentation for them either, usually just a 1-2 page write up and/or some images from art showing the clothing I’m making.  They do need to live up to the 90% accuracy standards that I have laid out but I’d actually like to do better than that on these items.  We will have to see how well  I do.  I think that, as the challenge intends, my efforts will improve as time goes by.  I will keep the main page updated but I imagine that I will post new efforts here from time to time.

I’m going to pester Muirenn to post a similar page about her hand spinning exploits.  Especially since this is all her fault! 😉

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