12th Night/Artisan’s Challenge, Display and Workshop

A while ago I issued a challenge for a local event entitled The Artisan’s Challenge, Display and Workshop on November 6th.  The challenge I issued was to make period court wear for a child/young adult under the age of 16.  Here are the prizes (just to get you excited)

The winner will get a box with a period sewing kit in it (including a period style needle, pin cushion in wool felt, a spool of linen thread, a period needle case from Billy & Charlie, a bone thread winder, and a wooden awl).

The children are getting whistles from Billy and Charlie and I need to still think of prizes for the older participants. I also need to make some favors for the display table (*writes on my growing list*).  *** EDIT*** I went to the craft store and found the wonderful medieval figures/toys that are made by a french company and I got sets of those for the children instead of the whistles.  (Knights on horses and medieval ladies.) Every child will get a prize even if the creator does not!  It seems only fair for having someone dress them funny.  ;)***

I also decided I should practice what I preach and since I need to be sewing for the 50 Challenge anyway I’m making Ellie a hand sewn set of clothing for this and hopefully 12th night.  If she won’t wear it I will put it on display at the challenge.  I have a piece handwoven wool that I over dyed and fulled in the dryer that I’m using for part of this outfit.  I wonder how it will be to sew with hand woven fabric?  I’m a little scared actually.

Here are some pictures of the under dress in progress (a cotehardie but not tight fitting).  Its made of light blue silk, under lined in 100% linen.  The wool will be lined in a bright colored silk and made into a houpplelande with cape sleeves, edged in dagging and leaf charms (?).

This is the center back gore.  I’m sewing all four layers at once and then whip stitching the seams flat.  I wanted to turn them under but in some areas the layers are not lining up right for that. 😦  At least this will keep it from fraying and it is period but used more commonly on wool I think.   In any case, it does not show on the right side.  I usually like the top stitched seams in an alternate color but not this time.

So this is what I’m up to: what are you doing?

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