12th Night Gown- I have a plan!

Well, its not so much of a plan as a list of steps.  I’m still working on hand sewing E’s 12th night undergown from the last post.  I really do not like the look of the whip stitched seams so I’m going to be bag lining it too in a light weight gold colored silk.  I’ve gotten thought the first three gores (center back, and attached the side seams gores are attached to the back only).  So the plan now is this:

1) sew center front gore in but leave open above gore

2) sew shoulder seam

3) Drape the gown on E and fit the side seams – center front and center back so it fits more like a cotehardie rather than a tunic.

4) cut and sew on the sleeves

5) sew the underarm seams/side seams, alter the center back and center front-whip stitch all of it.

6) sew the lining, finish all the seams with a simple running stitch-it will be seen but its fast.

7) bag line gown at center front and neck

8- finish sleeves (wonders if E would like cuffs but I think they would get in the way)

9) hem

10) center front eyelets

11) Next layer please- sleeveless chemise and maybe hose?

Ahhhhhh! When its all written out like this one is given to despair.  *wanders off to find a brownie before sewing*

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