For the 3 Young Ladies Who Made My Weekend-Thank You

This past weekend my family and I worked at an SCA demo (for the Shire of Hartshorn Dale) at the Greenlane Scottish –Irish Festival.  It was a wonderful weekend; we got to see some friends, I spent the day spinning on a drop spindle and hand sewing, I saw two really good heavy weapons bouts between Sean and Talon and best of all, I met three girls who tried spinning.

First to the three girls, who must have been between the ages of 8-10, all three of whom tried working with a drop spindle.  Most people who passed us thought it looked too hard to try, but not these girls.  I love that sort of sprit in kids.  All three tried and managed to get how to use it fairly quickly.  One was enthusiastic and she was proud of her self.  One, when I asked “can you imagine making your clothes this way?” her eyes got wide and she shock her head.  You could just tell that a light had gone on in her head.  And the last one went away with a spindle (a gift from another spinner there) and some roving and you could tell that she was going to want more.  So to those three girls, you made my weekend with your bravery (they had more than almost all the adults) and your enthusiasm, thank you.

I’ve never been one to really swoon over fighters, thou a nice suit of armor works for me like a hot car works for others.  What I want to see is fighters who enjoy what they do, take and give a pounding honorably, and come back for more.  I saw all of that in two matched great sword bouts between Talon and Sean (Symon de Poitiers).  It was a great show for the crowd but more than that it was done with skill, honor and a real love of the sport.   Thanks guys!

As to the spinning, I have only been working with a drop spindle since mid August.  I must have picked it up only about 10 times or so.  Most of those were this past weekend.  At the start of the weekend I was spinning chunky yarn with slubs in it.  By the end I had ok consistency and a fine wool thread.  Once I got to that point I kept spinning.  In my head I was saying just one more spin and then I will hand sew but I could not put it down without will power.  Now I’m out of roving and I want a Bosworth spindle.  And I still have lots of hand sewing to do.  Muirenn is laughing at me now.  I can just hear it.  And now she’s dragging me (kicking and screaming, really 🙂 ) to a Fiber Festival.

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One Response to For the 3 Young Ladies Who Made My Weekend-Thank You

  1. Heather G says:

    Fiber is fun! I was able to limit my spinning stash for several years by sticking to medieval breeds, but eventually some of the handpainted stuff made its way in (hey, the first of that was still Romney at least!), and then some of the fun stuff….

    Bosworths are my favorites – I have a few of them!

    I would like to get something that looks right for late 1700s at some point, and maybe something for late 1800s although there might not be much in the way of extant exemplars. I like my new wheel too, but nothing beats a drop spindle for portability!

    The fiber show will have food and drinks, but I advise bringing some of your own — lines might be longer than you want to wait in, and/or you might want to spend the last of your pocket money buying some neat treasure. Depending on the show, there can be some interesting foods. Some years we make it over to Rhinebeck, NY, and they have a food and other area — the cheese people are pretty amazing! Anyway, have fun 🙂

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