First Hit is Free

I think I’m addicted to more than just fiber, I think I’m addicted to color.  I’ve been poking around on Etsy for more roving, not that I need it.  I keep looking at the same colors and at least one I wanted to buy because it tasted good (it was the color of maple leaves in fall  and so it reminded me of home).  I think that I want some acid green too for a similar association with cooked asparagus which I imagine is what green should taste like.  I know it makes very little sense on the face of it but if you think about it we make associations in our minds between all our senses.  So the idea that a color should taste or feel like something in particular is not so odd.   Seaglass should be smooth and so I’d never buy it in a rough wool but would strongly prefer a silk or silk wool blend.  Red and Oranges are fall colors and so they can be a little rough but I’d like them to be bright and a little shiny like wet fall leaves.  Yellows should remind you of summer (or that bad 80’s kitchen you grew up in) and maybe I’d like them in linen and cotton.

So here I am with too much fabric and too much fiber and still I want more just for the color.  Colors I’m not going to be buying…..yet.

And color it seems is why I love pottery and glass.  So that must be the reason that I bought the previously mentioned pottery spindle that I got last weekend.  Since I’ve been home sick for the last week, I’ve gotten a lot of spinning done.  E is also home sick which means that there is very little sleeping going on so there is nothing to do but spinning.  I don’t want to be sneezing all over her sewing either.  That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it.  I’m working with a lovely wool and silk blend that draws so smoothly.  If I’m not careful I find that I’m pulling sewing thread weight from it.  It’s mostly blues with a little red and white thrown in.  I got it from Joan Berner/Clover Leaf Farms and I highly recommend it.  I also got 8 oz of the green mix too but that will have to wait.

I’ve gotten my first skein of yarn done now (hence the first hit is free….) and I’m addicted.   I’m using the rather wonderful warping board made by my step-father (yes it breaks apart for storage) to help with the plying of the yarn.  I’m also using a much heavier drop spindle for that too rather than the supported one.  I’m not entirely happy with it- the thickness varies too much and I’ve got lots of knots in the first batch but I know I’ll get better with practice.  Now I just need a knitter….

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2 Responses to First Hit is Free

  1. Muirenn says:


    Love you! 😀

  2. Hawk says:

    Well, Fi can card-weave, teach E[redacted] to card weave… –Hawk

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