Like a Hole in the Head-A few observations I had while spinning

1)      I need a new hobby like a hole in the head

2)      Don’t walk away from cooking bacon to spin

3)      Twisting new fibers into a broken thread is best done at high velocity

4)      When I’m done making yarn the only think I can do with it is look pleadingly at friends who knit

5)      What spins clockwise un-spins counter clockwise if your not paying attention

6)      Having a spindle for each roving you own is overkills but really nice (I don’t btw)

7)      Spinning reduces stress-having a small helper (cat or child) increases stress

8)      My arms are not long enough

9)      You can’t snack and spin very well so maybe spinning is good for a diet

10)   Admiring the large quantity of teal wool you have just spun will not get your sewing done any faster.

11)   A fine appreciation of woodworking is not excuse for new spindles just more expensive ones

12)   Spinning is not sexy to your spouse

13)   Do not tell your husband that you dream of fabric and spinning

14)   But do tell him it’s ok to by the lathe



15)   Having your husband look at you while spinning and say “that looks tedious and time consuming.  Maybe we should buy you a wheel” may result in premature death when he turned down funding on a table loom the week before.

16)   Thinking of these rules while spinning results in uneven thickness and a solid thunk on the floor

17)   Adding another survival skill to the post-apocalyptic skill set is not a good excuse to take up spinning but who cares.

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3 Responses to Like a Hole in the Head-A few observations I had while spinning

  1. muirenn says:

    *laughs* Why I like my spouse.. His response to me spinning is “I love watching you do that.. it’s so calming..” (I think he’s just saying that because he knows it calms me down when my stress levels are high… I keep expecting him to keep a spindle in his back pocket for when he sees my blood pressure going up.. 🙂

  2. Samantha says:

    I just had to comment, your post was fabulous! I took up knitting a few months ago, and started seeing various knitters posting about spinning. Needless to say I became intrigued, and now I have a friend sending me a spindle and some wool in the mail so I can get started. I’ll also be taking a class at our local event in about 2 weeks, so I can actually learn what it is I’m doing. 🙂

    I second rule #1, however that just doesn’t seem to stop me….

    Samantha, known as Ilene in the SCA

  3. Heather G says:

    Love it! 😀 I have both spindles and a wheel, but I think I still use my spindles more often — they’re just easier to carry around.

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