Progress on most fronts….

I’ve been going a little yarn happy lately.  I’ve been trying to force myself to finish spinning up the teal Merino wool I’ve got.  I have about 1.5 oz left.  Why force? Well the spindle I am working with is really heavy for my taste and the wool does not draft easily.  But I think I have had a breakthrough of sorts on this front.  I just plyed up a second batch of it and it turned out sooooo much better than the first.  Not just plying but the spinning.  I can literally see dramatic improvement.  In between the first and second batches I’ve been working with other wools including a white silk wool blend that will be historic knit stockings (c.1500-1600’s), the blue silk wool blend that I wrote about a little while ago (on the supported spindle) and best of all (and newest) a long wool top (superwash custom dyed) that is coming out so nice.  So all the practice has worked.

The last wool mentioned is being spun on a 13g lace weight spindle and is coming out like sewing thread.  I think I can ply it and weave with it.  I’m not sure that I could spin it thicker.  I need to finish this little batch and then ply it and see what the epi would be so I can figure out how much of the roving I’m going to need.  Great. Another project.

In the mean time, I’ve got lots of sewing that I’ve been neglecting.  So much for progress….

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