Craigs List for the Win- I Haz Loom

Just as the title says I have a loom- its a little table top loom that was billed as “antique” but I suspect that vintage might apply more.  Its mostly made of press-board.  Given that I suspect that it was a loom designed for teaching girls to weave at camp sometime in the 1960-1970’s.  The 4 harnesses work well along with the gears on the front and back beams.  Its only got about 8-9″ of weaving space but that’s all I’m going to need right now anyway.  I needs a new custom reed that I’ve ordered from the Woolery.  At least in this size they are reasonably cheap.  The odd thing is that its got a metal back beam with 4 metal spools on it (not shown in the pictures since I’m cleaning the rust off then a coat of rustolim.)  They seem to have come with pre-wound cotton so that a warp dose not need to be measured.  Yet another reason that I think this was a “teaching” loom.  For now this will do.  Besides I can teach my daughter to use it and that is priceless.

I have found out that this is a Structo Artcraft Loom from the structo MFG Co. of Freeport IL

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3 Responses to Craigs List for the Win- I Haz Loom

  1. Mari says:

    It’s lovely.

  2. Muirenn says:

    Actually it IS incredibly cute… Seriously that thing is ADORABLE! 😀

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