A few things I’ve learned about making garb for my daughter…..

1)      Don’t stop for new projects because she won’t stop growing while you work on other things

2)      If you do put it aside don’t hide it in a box where you won’t remember it until after she is a size larger

3)      Kids clothes are smaller, so it’s tempting to hand sew them but don’t hand sew things unless you intend on actually finishing them sometime this year (see rule 1)

4)      She does not appreciate hand woven cloth because it is not as nice as the $30 a yard silk

5)      She will want to help

6)      She will have opinions

7)      Her opinions will be expensive

8)      Her opinions will not be something you have on hand

9)      She wants to be a pretty pretty princess who rolls around on the ground outside in silk

10)   She understands how to hold up her skirt on the stairs but not how to walk in a train

11)   Remember the nice lining because she will flash the room

12)   Remember the proper undergarments because she will flash the room

13)   Remember to properly accessorize because a girl is not dressed without a hat and jewelry

14)   She will want to out dress the Queen (and you too)

15)   She has the attitude to pull off court garb better than you do

16)   She will outgrow the court garb that out dresses the Queen before you can invent an actual shrink ray like the one in Despicable Me.

17)   She will volunteer you for sewing projects because “my mommy is an excellent sewer” and somehow that little line will be more powerful than a “suggestion” from a Laurel or Queen.   And I won’t mind.

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One Response to A few things I’ve learned about making garb for my daughter…..

  1. Charles Mellor says:

    What you don’t know yet (I went through this with my daughter 20 years ago) is that you may end up with a child who expects off-the-rack to fit like custom made and will have a hard time dealing with the ugly reality of that when she grows up!

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