4 Responses to Coppergate Weaving Draft

  1. Linda Lewis says:

    You are a very good girl to use 20/2 thread. As much as I love to weave, I stay away from the smaller threads because threading the loom is my least favorite part of the process. The pattern you have chosen is a good one that works for lots of applications.

    • thanks Linda. I was actually thinking that it was too big. I hate threading the loom just like most weavers but I always seem to be looking for smaller threads (read here: silk at 60 epi or more).
      I do love this pattern combination. The wool I have for yardage is gold/mustard and a nice burgundy/wine color. Can’t wait to make something with it.
      Thanks again Linda

  2. I know it’s been a while, but see if your local library has an Inter Library Loan program. That’s how I got a copy of the Textiles, Cordage and Raw Fibre from 16-22 Coppergate. I took copious notes and photo copied the pages with designs.

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