SAVE ME!-15th and 16th Century Textiles in the Philadelphia University Design Center

I’ve been holding my class at the Design Center of Philadelphia University this semester.  This is the fashion and textile schools study collection for their students and scholars.  Recently I found a box of textiles (while looking for something else entirely) that was simply labeled 15th century.  Upon inspection Sarah and I found (Sarah is the head of the Design Center) a box with approximately a dozen or so samples of textiles from the 15th and 16th century (there are a few 17th century in there too).  Most were brocades, some were silk velvets and they ranged in scale from clothing use to full on wall hangings.

In any case some are in need of a lot of care, which costs money the Center does not have.  So here is the deal, as a fund raiser they have agreed to host a small hands on exhibition of these textiles.  This means that those who go can examine them up close, in detail for a long duration (maybe two hours total for the tour).  The whole box will be pulled (I think).  And yes, photos, sketches, magnifying  glasses are all welcome.  Go ahead and count the threads per inch, its fine.

The tour will be approximately 10-20 folks and since its a fund raiser it will be somewhere between $50-100 a person.  The money will go directly to helping these textiles get better housing in larger boxes and for some flat preservation.  They are not in a position to pay for or do restoration of them at this time.

The top layer of the box of 15-17th c. textiles at the DC

So here is how this will work for now: I will get the assession sheets and publish them to the website so you can tell if you want to join us.  I will post tiny thumb nails to go with them where I can.

We will work out a time and date (I hope for a weekend) to do the tour.  Once we have that I will accept on a first-come-first-served-basis names for the list.  I will provide an opening date and time for this list so everyone gets a chance.  I will post when it is closed.  If there is more demand than space there will be a waiting list and maybe a second tour.  When you come you will need to bring a check for the design center.   The details will be posted soon.

I am willing to provide some crash space for out of towners who might like to join us as well.

UPDATES WILL BE POSTED TO THE PAGE FOR THE EVENT rather than on the main site.  Please link to that page.

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6 Responses to SAVE ME!-15th and 16th Century Textiles in the Philadelphia University Design Center

  1. Cilean Stirling says:


    You did not ad a link, and I can fly to Philadelphia, and I would give my eyeteeth to view take pictures and well be able to deal with this sort of find.


  2. Linda Blowney says:

    Sign me up!

  3. Charlotte says:

    Count me in! 😀

  4. MD Smith says:

    I know it is more work for you, but some of us are seeing this as a forward of a forward of a forwarded message, so have no frame of reference for how to find the event web page or other source material.

    Would you be so kind as to collect our email addresses if we say “Yes! Save my address!” and send out an email blast when the tickets are about to go on sale?

    Many thanks – and “Yes, please! Save my email address!”

  5. Rose Larrabee-Fox says:

    Please include me if at all possible. With many thanks, Rose

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