15th-16th Century Textiles: UPDATE

Dear All,

Thank you so much for your overwhelming interest in this project.  I am working with Sarah, head of the Design Center, and the University to set up a date for a tour, to establish a way to donate to this project with or without the tour and determine what needs to be done with the textiles so you/we know how the money will be used.

I have received the information sheets for the box but while the box has about a dozen samples the Center has only 4 sheets.  These textiles are from the earliest part of the collection, that is the 1970’s, and so the standards for the Center were not established at that time.  I’m going to make an inventory of the box tomorrow to see what is there (and a few more boxes).  I will post this list and the information sheets I have on Friday.  No, I’m not trying to tease but I have sewing project and class to do first.  🙂

I’ve seen that there is also some confusion on how this will work:

  • step one: set a date for the tour and a cost.  It will be on a weekend but I don’t know anything else.
  • step two: sigh up for the tour.  Given the response I may have to do a lottery.  But in any case we will have on a specific day and time, a sign up for the tour or a lottery.  I am NOT taking names now though I do appreciate the interest.
  • step three: If there is a lottery, inform those who will go on the tour of the final details
  • step four: go on the tour
  • step five: a stitch-and-gossip 🙂 post-revel.  Details also tbd.

Thanks again for all your interest.  More soon I promise.

Elizabeth Ives

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One Response to 15th-16th Century Textiles: UPDATE

  1. lynn eberle says:

    Today is June,4th and I have just discovered your site.I am afraid I have missed the opportunity to participate in your exciting event. The CD can be ordered ,but nothing can substitute for hands on (with gloves ,of course ).
    I was with the original Scalamandre’ for 15 years and had the priviledge of researching and developing textiles and passementerie in Europe for many years. Anything textile and trimming always captivates me.
    I live in the Hudson Valley of New York so getting to Philly is easy. Is there any way there will be another opportunity for a SAVE ME tour ?

    Thank you,
    Lynn Eberle

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