15th Century Box Inventory Photos and Update

15th Century Box Inventory Photos were taken by Jennifer Linton Guyton (thanks so much to her!) and are copyright of the Philadelphia University Design Center.  The images have been cropped and reduced in size for the internet.

Please note: the God Awful Conservation Attempts seen on some of these textiles were NOT done by the staff at the Design Center.  They were done before the Center acquired the textiles.

We will be selling a CD with large images (full shots, closeups, back and front, ect) our preliminary research and data sheets as part of the fund raiser for $20 + shipping.  I will post the address and information in the next week.  The CDs will be sent out in early June due to research and will require a certified check so we can ship them quickly.

There will be a tour for 15 people with these items and maybe a few more things thrown in for fun.  It will be a fund raiser for $100 per person and will include the CD at no additional cost.  The date will be in mid-late June.  The date and the date for the lottery will be posted in the next week or so.

And now what you really want: the photos.  They are terribly tiny and for that I am sorry but at the request of the Design Center and copyright reasons they would like to keep it this way for now.   See the list in the last post for info about each except the two embroideries which are not on the list as we have very little information.

Enjoy and thanks for your continued support.

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One Response to 15th Century Box Inventory Photos and Update

  1. Pei says:

    just promise me it won’t be 6/18 or the weekend of 6/25.. I would hate to have to ditch the dominion for Barton, and the 25th I’s kind of busy.. (and I’m hoping you will be too!)

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