Save Me-Medieval Textiles Update CD and Show-Tell

Dear Friends,

I am sorry that this information has been so long in coming.  With the summer vacations and the end of the University school year things got put on hold for a while.  Again I apologize.

I’ve talked with Sarah and the University Design Center is not really being used during the summer so this seems like a bad time to hold the show and tell.  We have scheduled it for Saturday, September 3rd, 2011 just at at the start of the school year (10am to whenever).

I will be accepting names for the 20 slots for the show and tell via email at elizives @ gmail DOTcom  (no spaces in the real email address and, of course, the DOT should be a .com)

If I get more than 20 names then I will start a lottery.  The lottery will be held on Saturday August 20th.  Please give me your location (city/state/country) when you send me your name and contact information.  I know that August 20th will be a very short time to make plans for those of you who might be coming a long distance.  I will try to accommodate you all.   The cost of the show & tell is going to be $100 and will come with a copy of the CD.  It will be payable by money order on the date of the show & tell.

As to the CD because the Design Center is closed for the summer folks who want the CD will mail their requests/payment as follows:

  • 1) a Money Orders for $20 for the CD addressed to: The Design Center at Philadelphia University
  • 2) a second Money Order for $5.00 for domestic shipping via USPS addressed to: Elizabeth Ives
  • 3) Your contact information/mailing address
  • 4) please mail all the above items to: Elizabeth Ives, 105 Jacobs Drive, Coatesville, PA 19320

For international shipping please email (at the above email address) me for an exact quote to your location via USPS.  I will drop the CD in the mail as soon as I have a request in my hands.  CDs will be mailed in a padded envelope with a tax deductible receipt via USPS.  We cannot accept paypal or credit cards at this time.

The CD’s have approximately 500 high resolution images of these artifacts (jpeg) and a short documentation for each item (MSWord) which includes items measurements, condition, fiber content, weave type, some historical information (not for all the artifacts just the ones from the 14th-16th centuries), glossary, suggested reading list, and information about the collections at the Design Center.  The images are organized in folders, one for each item.  Please note that the some of the historical research as changed from the original box inventory published on this site. The CDs are read only.

Thanks again for your support of this collection.

Eliz Ives and Sarah Moore

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5 Responses to Save Me-Medieval Textiles Update CD and Show-Tell

  1. Petra Tremblay says:

    Will the CDs be available to those who come to the show and tell? Also, what is the cost associated with the show and tell? (like how I asked after I sent the e-mail? :D)

  2. Mona Boucher says:

    Are you still selling these CD’s? I am totally late to hearing about this! I am a dye fanatic and would love to see more fabric samples!

  3. trilliumlady says:

    Can we order a CD if we can’t come to the workshop?

  4. weaverhall76 says:

    Echoing the are the cds still available?

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