Elizabeth – Breath Challenge – Reaserch 50 new things

Here I shall post links to 50 medieval topics that I have done research into that are new to me.  For me this means that it must include primary sources (in translation is fine).  Some might be listed in full and some might be listed in part and you will need to email/contact me for the full write up.

This is not my primary Challenge- I’m just going to see what I can get done.

1) For the Love of Ladies- Women’s Roles at Medieval Tournaments (Fall 2008/AS XLIII)

2) Household Account Books and What They Can Tell Us About Textiles (Fall 2009/AS XLIV)

3) Cochineal Production and Trade from Central America: Pre-Conquest to 1650 (Summer 2008/AS XLIII)

4) Weaving Draft of a Coppergate textile find- more information needed (2011/AS XLIV)

One Response to Elizabeth – Breath Challenge – Reaserch 50 new things

  1. lynn eberle says:

    I was with the original Scalamandre’, then Old World Weavers for 27 years .As an Architectural Historian I am captivated by all things textile and passementerie .
    Will you be having another SAVE ME hands on event ? I just discovered your site and today is June 4th ! I live in the Hudson Valley of New York so getting to Philly is easy.

    Thank you for your good work ,
    Lynn Eberle

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