A few things I’ve learned about making garb for my daughter…..

1)      Don’t stop for new projects because she won’t stop growing while you work on other things

2)      If you do put it aside don’t hide it in a box where you won’t remember it until after she is a size larger

3)      Kids clothes are smaller, so it’s tempting to hand sew them but don’t hand sew things unless you intend on actually finishing them sometime this year (see rule 1)

4)      She does not appreciate hand woven cloth because it is not as nice as the $30 a yard silk

5)      She will want to help

6)      She will have opinions

7)      Her opinions will be expensive

8)      Her opinions will not be something you have on hand

9)      She wants to be a pretty pretty princess who rolls around on the ground outside in silk

10)   She understands how to hold up her skirt on the stairs but not how to walk in a train

11)   Remember the nice lining because she will flash the room

12)   Remember the proper undergarments because she will flash the room

13)   Remember to properly accessorize because a girl is not dressed without a hat and jewelry

14)   She will want to out dress the Queen (and you too)

15)   She has the attitude to pull off court garb better than you do

16)   She will outgrow the court garb that out dresses the Queen before you can invent an actual shrink ray like the one in Despicable Me.

17)   She will volunteer you for sewing projects because “my mommy is an excellent sewer” and somehow that little line will be more powerful than a “suggestion” from a Laurel or Queen.   And I won’t mind.

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Its been a while

I’ve been very busy lately working on more modern artwork and I’m afraid my blog has suffered.  I’ve started a more professional blog for the modern textile artist in me: http://www.elizabethivestextiles.wordpress.com

Take a look and tell me what you think.  I’d love to hear from you.  There you shall find shibori and beading, weaving and spinning… and all kinds of fun.

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My Loom- now this is cute

Muirenn commented that my new loom was cute.  I was not convinced but it seems that she got me thinking.  Which lead to this: a restored loom with the rust removed and a new coat of rustoilum in dark teal. (My daughter argued in favor of pink.)  Now its cute.  The new reeds and yard should be in by early next week and I will give it a quick try.

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Craigs List for the Win- I Haz Loom

Just as the title says I have a loom- its a little table top loom that was billed as “antique” but I suspect that vintage might apply more.  Its mostly made of press-board.  Given that I suspect that it was a loom designed for teaching girls to weave at camp sometime in the 1960-1970’s.  The 4 harnesses work well along with the gears on the front and back beams.  Its only got about 8-9″ of weaving space but that’s all I’m going to need right now anyway.  I needs a new custom reed that I’ve ordered from the Woolery.  At least in this size they are reasonably cheap.  The odd thing is that its got a metal back beam with 4 metal spools on it (not shown in the pictures since I’m cleaning the rust off then a coat of rustolim.)  They seem to have come with pre-wound cotton so that a warp dose not need to be measured.  Yet another reason that I think this was a “teaching” loom.  For now this will do.  Besides I can teach my daughter to use it and that is priceless.

I have found out that this is a Structo Artcraft Loom from the structo MFG Co. of Freeport IL

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Progress on most fronts….

I’ve been going a little yarn happy lately.  I’ve been trying to force myself to finish spinning up the teal Merino wool I’ve got.  I have about 1.5 oz left.  Why force? Well the spindle I am working with is really heavy for my taste and the wool does not draft easily.  But I think I have had a breakthrough of sorts on this front.  I just plyed up a second batch of it and it turned out sooooo much better than the first.  Not just plying but the spinning.  I can literally see dramatic improvement.  In between the first and second batches I’ve been working with other wools including a white silk wool blend that will be historic knit stockings (c.1500-1600’s), the blue silk wool blend that I wrote about a little while ago (on the supported spindle) and best of all (and newest) a long wool top (superwash custom dyed) that is coming out so nice.  So all the practice has worked.

The last wool mentioned is being spun on a 13g lace weight spindle and is coming out like sewing thread.  I think I can ply it and weave with it.  I’m not sure that I could spin it thicker.  I need to finish this little batch and then ply it and see what the epi would be so I can figure out how much of the roving I’m going to need.  Great. Another project.

In the mean time, I’ve got lots of sewing that I’ve been neglecting.  So much for progress….

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